BMX Bikes

Looking to hit the streets? Or hit the track? With a combined 20+ years experience, our staff can only recommend the highest quality brands. Browse the brands below, drop us a line or come in store and see them for yourself!

BMX Street

Wethepeople Bike Company | BMX Street Bikes | Bikes on High

The great thing about BMX is that it is always changing and moving in new directions. Wethepople strive to be at the forefront of these changes year after year. They channel these changes into a range of bikes that reflect where BMX is today. The Wethepeople bike range was always going to be special, after a full calendar year of development and refining ideas down, it's finally time for these creations to be seen.

FITBIKECO | BMX Street Bikes | Bikes on High

Rider designed and tested BMX bikes and components. Ride Everything!

Kink BMX | BMX Street Bikes | Bikes on High

Kink is all about having a good time, enjoying being on your bike, and spending time with friends!

Radio Bike Company | BMX Street Bikes | Bikes on High

Designing and shredding kickass bikes for the people since 2012!

BMX Racing

Redline | BMX Racing Bikes | Bikes on High

From the beginning in 1970, Redline bicycles has been dedicated to riding in the dirt. From that beginning, their bikes quickly became the must have BMX bike for racers and freestyle riders alike. The bottom line is they love riding in the dirt and that passion is found in the bikes and accessories we build. Ride the winning line, Redline bicycles.

Chase Bicycles | BMX Racing Bikes | Bikes on High

Chase BMX was created to bring the racing world a new standard of BMX racing frames and complete bikes. No gimmicks, just straightforward technological advancements to offer you the lightest frames. These advantages allow you to get all the human generated power to the ground, and give you the biggest advantage offered from any current BMX frame: THE WINNING ADVANTAGE.

Position One | BMX Racing Bikes | Bikes on High

Position One race Bikes give you a complete bike with Alloy frame, race inspired bold graphics, Chromoly bars and forks, double walled rims, and parts from great companies like KMC, Tektro, and Arisun. The race line from Position One offers the best in BMX for the price!

Please be aware some makes may not be available and prices may vary from sites. Please contact us for pricing & availability.

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